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Tech Section / Re: 520 chain conversion
« Last post by murdo on July 05, 2019, 01:03:26 am »
Thanks for the info.  :)
Tech Section / Re: 520 chain conversion
« Last post by triguyracer on July 04, 2019, 08:49:25 am »
I used a sprocket on the rear from a 86 87 Suzuki GSXR the front from a xr500 Honda, I  am running 15 + 39 gearing it's a bit tall but works good if you plan on running plus sixty or so and works good in town for me ,I am 210 lbs and it pulls ok from a stop in first gear still, but don't plan on wheelies in first gear lol
Tech Section / 520 chain conversion
« Last post by murdo on July 03, 2019, 12:20:47 am »
The time has come to replace the chain and both sprockets of my '82 FT500, and was wondering if anybody had the part numbers or the models from which the sprockets come from to convert to the 520 size. I would like to go to 520 as all my other bikes use that size and can get them with 'O' or 'X' ring as well. Any help greatfully received.
Thanks, Steve.
Thanks for all replies. The pipe is OEM with a Megaphone type slip on muffler. I just got back from test ride after stepping up jet size to 210 hi speed,from a 200. Runs great til around 5500 rpms. The flat spots in acceleration are gone but cuts out at around 5500 rpm. Is there a rev limiter on the Ascots? Maybe valves floating and need adjusted? Thanks for any tips.
 It ran well with the 200 main but sputtered when trying to just cruise in mid range. with the 210 main lookout wheelie machine. Also stepped up low speed to a 60. Satisfied except hi rpm performance.
I should have also mentioned that running a open pipe can cause lots of jetting problems flat spots ect and so on, pipe size length ect. are you just using the stock header and no muffler on the end ? this will cause many jetting problems 
Go to the 180 I did the same went one size up on the pilot made a 20 thou shim for the needle and 180 main I have  Uni clamped on foam filter on the carb and a White Brothers suppertrapp  style pipe with three disks and no other mods to the motor ,mine runs xclint with this jetting 
UNI filter clamped to carb. will try 180. got tired messing with it. But back at it again.
The Thumper Years: Stock To Lightly Modified / Re: Modifying front forks
« Last post by triguyracer on June 06, 2019, 12:02:44 pm »
Yes , Race tech makes a spring in all spring rates a little pricy but well worth it .I am 215 lb and I am using a 90kg straight weight spring rate that is firm with 15wt oil .Air forks are junk for the most part, I just eliminated mine altogether. Progressive also makes springs too. I use the Race Tech ones on my vintage race bikes also, Depending on the weight of the rider most likely 80kg or 85 kg spring would work well unless you heavy like me lol. They are easy to change too
The Thumper Years: Stock To Lightly Modified / Modifying front forks
« Last post by goldenpony on June 04, 2019, 07:45:31 pm »
My wife has a pretty much pristine '82 Ascot. the front forks have never held air very well. I had an '82 Goldwing and I changed to progressive springs. Is there some kind of kit available for the Ascot to do away with the air forks ? Thanks in advance.
The V-Twin Years: Stock To Lightly Modified / Re: VT500FT exhaust Valve NLA
« Last post by triguyracer on May 22, 2019, 01:15:10 pm »
I have used valve lash caps on my vintage Triumph race bike when it beat down the top of the valve stem,Do not know if it would work on your bike ,they make them in all sizes dia ,thinkness ect the ones I used where from a Gagiva 650 but many tractors and such use them. they are used in many applications
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