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Move the wire that energizes the engagement solenoid from the big post on the main starter solenoid to the small wire that energizes the main starter solenoid.
Hi Scottly.

Thanks for your reply - I appreciate your assistance in this matter.

I have attached a scetch of how I have wired the starter circuit.

All the best.

Michael Back.
I've studied the wiring diagram a bit more, and the "starter control unit" is a safety device that only allows the starter to engage when the bike is in neutral, or the clutch is pulled in. The diode mounted in the stock handlebar  fuse holder serves to prevent the neutral indicator light from coming on when the clutch lever is pulled in.
Perhaps it would help if you posted a sketch of how you have the starter circuit wired?
Just an idea @ Scottly:

Would it be an idea to let the Solenoid Circuit be minus(-) switched instead ? Then when the starter (-) button is released, the circuit is broken and even though the starter motor generates voltage, it will not keep the solenoid enganged, since there is no minus.... ??
Dear Scottly.

Thanks for your reply - much appreciated.

Your explanation sounds right and its worth a try. I remember sitting for a long time looking at a diode in the original wire harness - wondering what the purpose could be - while ripping it a part.

Im going to try this out and get back to you.

Just to get it clear; the Diode are to be inserted on the + side of the Solenoid circuit, right ?

All the best.

Michael, I suspect the starter motor is acting as a generator as it coasts to a stop, preventing the gear engagement solenoid from releasing. If this is the case, inserting a diode in the engagement solenoid wire should fix it.
As far as the starter control unit, my best guess is that it delays the operation of the engagement solenoid until the starter gear has had time to shift out on the Bendix as the starter spins up to speed? 
Try the  Yahoo Ascot FT500 Enthusiasts Group:

Sign up & look into the Files section. The owner of that group is real sharp on electrical, etc.

Good luck
Good day everyone...

I am about to finish my scrambler edition of the FT500. I have made a very simple wiring harness - reference is made to the attached photos.
I have kept the CDI unit because I had to - but I skipped the "Starter control unit" and here comes the trouble; I connected the two Solenoid wires from the starter engangement arrangement to the main starter relay Circuit. In other words - when the main starter relay enganges, the starter gets power at the same time as the starter gear engagement solenoid gear. This works and the engine fires right up.
Problem is that the solenoid engangement gear ramains enganged for approximately 5 seconds - and this sound is killing me. I fear that it was a mistake to leave out the "Starter control unit" in case it does something special other than connecting and disconnecting the Solenoid cirquit.

Question: Does anyone have an idea whether the "Starter control unit" has a special function that ensures quick disengangement of the starter gear, once the starter button is released ?
What could be the reason that the starter gear remains enganged after the button is released ? As far as I remember - that was not the case before I started the build.

Really hope that someone can help. In case some of you knows someone in the forum that I could contact seperately, that would be able to assist - please let me know.

Thanks in advance !

Michael Back - Copenhagen, Denmark
The Thumper Years: Modified To Full Customs / Re: Ascot 500 (Arizona)
« Last post by J6G1Z on March 14, 2018, 07:20:53 AM »
I would look for a fueling issue.

Might be able to carefully clean the carb. Be gentle with the rubber intake manifold.

Have you replaced the spark plug?


PS. Check E-bay for a rear fender.
The Thumper Years: Modified To Full Customs / Re: Ascot 500 (Arizona)
« Last post by mintimiki on March 13, 2018, 09:40:19 PM »
Hahaha that picture of me riding was from Sun city! I wear a helmet 99% of the time. To clear up my sputtering issues, its when I lean on the bike thru turns, or during full open throttle. I wish I had the rear fender still...
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