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Tech Section / Re: FT oil leak
« Last post by murdo on December 05, 2017, 12:27:16 AM »
I was surprised to find that both rocker shafts had a bit of "galling" on the thrust side, but not that the O rings were hard and square. A clean up with some well worn 400 grit emery paper smoothed them off and I ran some through the rockers themselves too. When cleaned I put a smear of camshaft paste (moly paste) on the pins to help with the lubing, new genuine Honda O rings with some rubber grease to help them slide into the cover. Before assembling the rockers I also put the cover on some 600 grit wet and dry paper taped to a sheet of thick glass and sanded until all edges were touching. Cleaned up and washed with hot soapy water to get any remaining grit out. 
Tech Section / FT oil leak
« Last post by murdo on December 05, 2017, 12:17:19 AM »
The FT had developed an oil leak on the left side of the cylinder head cover. I had cleaned and covered the joint with silicone, but it still dribbled a bit until a few months ago it really sprung a leak which covered my boot in oil after about 5 miles. I put the bike in the corner to work on more pressing matters and yesterday got back to getting this leak stopped. The main leak was from the rocker shafts, with a smaller dribble from the cover joint. Off with the tank and top engine mount, removed all the cover bolts and lifted the cover (after scraping the silicone off, it worked for a bit but was only ever a tempory fix). I found two bolts had stripped and somebody had hammered the rocker shaft locating pin in too deep to be able to grip to remove. I tack welded a piece of 1/4" rod to the pin and gripped in the vice. I was able then to gently tap the cover away from the vice with a plastic faced hammer. I cut the weld and sanded the pin back to original diameter.
Tech Section / Re: Frozen motor
« Last post by murdo on December 05, 2017, 12:02:32 AM »
Hi Al and welcome.
Try putting the bike into top gear on the centre stand and rock the back wheel back and forth after a couple of days with the mix in the cylinder. As you turn the wheel and the backlash of the gears take up it gives the crank a little shock. Doing this both back and forward over a couple of days will usually free stuck rings.
If no good then you may have to rebuild the engine.
Tech Section / Frozen motor
« Last post by AwL on December 04, 2017, 01:51:14 PM »
Hi - New to Forum since i just picked up an '83 FT500 for winter project yesterday.
It has sat since 2010, some period of that outside, and no information on why it was parked.
Engine frozen, Hoping just rings rusted onto cylinder. 
Haven't taken head off yet but did put some of the supposedly ultimate free-er upper mix of ATF and acetone into the cylinder to soak.
Any other insights into freeing up a motor?   Thanks, Al
Tech Section / Re: Essentials for the FT500
« Last post by J6G1Z on November 30, 2017, 06:36:24 PM »

Thanks for the info.

Tech Section / Re: Essentials for the FT500
« Last post by patrino on November 30, 2017, 08:51:23 AM »
Another "replacement" air filter technique: 
1.  cut the filter's paper cage away, right at the base (I used a pair of dikes, and worked my way around the filter cage.  Took 20 minutes or so.).  This'll leave you with the rubber snorkel (with metal flange) that fits into the airbox
2.  get a Uni 'sock' air filter (I used p/n U-603:  2.25" ID and 6" length), and fit it to the part of the snorkel that lives inside the airbox. The filter comes with a band clamp.  Be sure to oil the filter first
3.  reinstall the snorkel into the airbox

I was going to make my own filter but tried this instead.
Classified Ads / Re: 1984 VT500 For Sale
« Last post by bluefin on November 25, 2017, 03:15:07 PM »
Very Nice!
Dang, I need to stop in here more often.
The V-Twin Years: Stock To Lightly Modified / Re: A new Ascoteer
« Last post by Bucko on November 13, 2017, 07:26:45 PM »
I've heard other riders say that about the rear brakes before.

I use both together or independently as required for whatever situation.

Grew up on a dirt/desert bike long before I ever road a street bike.


Me too.  I find the older I Get the more rear brake I use.  A reflection of significantly less aggressive riding I think.
The V-Twin Years: Stock To Lightly Modified / Re: A new Ascoteer
« Last post by Wes Kootenay on November 07, 2017, 07:38:55 PM »
Thanks triguy.
I'm guessing you mean HEL Performance? I have contacted them in Calgary as I don't see the VT500FT listed on their site.
I will do a fork re-build, they need new seals anyway + 'inquiring minds need to know'. I'm hoping the springs have been upgraded, not just a 'sticker' job. I haven't had a chance to ride the bike much but the forks seem OK - just leaky!

Bought a new chainsaw today + busy rebuilding a neighbor's snow-blower. Bring on Spring!!
The V-Twin Years: Stock To Lightly Modified / Re: A new Ascoteer
« Last post by triguyracer on November 07, 2017, 07:53:13 AM »
Though I ride a FT ascot  Go for the stainless brake lines they make a great improvement in braking and brake feel they are not expensive I got some a while back for 36 dollars for the front line out of England with free shipping and they are good quality Heil lines probley a bit more now since its been a couple of years since I did mine  and new brake pads they are dirt cheap,also myself putting some race tech fork springs did wonders for the suspension on my bike and I did away with the junk air suspension ,dont know if the VT uses air forks but in 50 years of riding and racing I have not found any air forks that work worth a damn,hopfully the previous owner put springs in your bike and not just a sticker.Good luck on your project
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