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Here is a pic of mine mounted. Also, notice how the stock brake pedal runs right past where the kick-start shaft would be.
I checked my bike, and the manual is indeed incorrect. It shouldn't make any difference which yellow coil wire is connected to the battery+ for the test, as long as the switch isn't connected to the harness. You should be able to measure the coil resistance across the yellow wires; I don't see it listed in the manual, but I would expect about 4 ohms? Does the replacement have the fuse holder/plug attached, or is it like a 750 with two loose wires?
Classified Ads / WTB rear brake master cylinder
« Last post by greenjeans on July 14, 2017, 10:26:42 AM »
Need a rear brake master cylinder.  I can rebuild if necessary
Yep, I know that trick.  I tested the solenoid according to the manual (see pic) and it doesn't work.  Got a replacement (cheapo). And for giggles, I hooked it up to test and it actually made an audible click.  But, since I'm a curios dummy, I reversed the hook up just to see if it would have any effect.  Well now, the new solenoid tests bad.   

I was always under the impression that those 2 wires wouldn't matter?

Any ideas?   I guess it IS possible that the harness cloud have had a new 4-pin connector on there, but the bike seems clean enough that I doubt that.

Is the manual correct?   Does the order in which those 2 (yellow/red & yellow/bulk) wires connect even matter?
The Thumper Years: Stock To Lightly Modified / Re: Considering an Ascot
« Last post by grcamna2 on July 14, 2017, 07:46:25 AM »

Did you purchase that VT500A Ascot from your friend ?
Tech Section / Re: How To Hop Up The FT500...
« Last post by grcamna2 on July 14, 2017, 12:38:59 AM »
This is a very informative and helpful thread  :)
Tech Section / Re: How Fast Have You Ever Been On Your FT Ascot?
« Last post by grcamna2 on July 14, 2017, 12:23:38 AM »
This little guy can really go! No speedo on my racer, so can't give you a number.  I've raced at NOLA, Barber, Willow Springs, Road America and Daytona, and kicked ass winning some regional titles in AHRMA, as well as almost winning Championship, and that was before the WiseCo race piston was installed. MegaCycle Race Cam only. Hawk front end, Hurricaine rear, Galfer lines, Ohlins rear shocks, Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators, Jemco Exhaust, Bridgestone Tires, race gas, and 121lb rider.  7lbs = 1HP.  Will let you know if I can get a read on mph, going to take it out again soon.

Nice  :)
Tech Section / Re: VT500 starter relay the same as FT500 starter relay ?
« Last post by Ampari on July 12, 2017, 01:24:56 PM »
Out of curiosity, pics of FT's original starter relay? Mine has a generic one with two wires and an external fuse, done by one of the previous owners so I've never seen the original...
Tech Section / Re: Starter not engaging
« Last post by Ampari on July 12, 2017, 01:20:44 PM »
Bypassed the starter solenoid with a main power switch, it's a hassle to start with both hands since you need to press the start button to engage the other solenoid that engages the gears and stuff on the flywheel side of the engine, otherwise it only cranks over once. Tried to start the bike last fall with jumper cables from a running car since the old battery was totally dead, I guess it's a possibility that it fried the solenoid? Ordered another one from China since local shop wants 20 for the same stuff you get for a fiver from EBay. It had a generic one already when I bought it, someone had done some questionable wiring work to it but at least it worked so I redid most of the bodged wiring. Apparently the bike is supposed to have a clutch switch that prevents you from starting the bike without depressing the clutch but it was bypassed with an external ground wire. Bearing in mind that the bike worked flawlessly after these wiring fixes until the battery went flat and the jumpstarting occurred, I firmly believe the issue is the solenoid. We'll see when the new one arrives.

So it's kind of fixed but still not really. But the most important thing is that the bike is alive again :D
Tech Section / Re: Rear brake master cylinder
« Last post by Dewclaw34 on July 11, 2017, 12:27:23 AM »
Thanks guys I will look for a replacement unit
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