Author Topic: Race tech springs and emulators vs progressive springs for FT500 front shocks  (Read 12136 times)


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I kinda skimmed through this thread, didn't notice anyone actually comparing progressive springs to race-tech. Nor did it seem anyone kept the FT front end, lots of swapping it seems. Is the stock fork setup really that bad ?. I ordered a set of progressive springs just yesterday for my stock forks for two reasons, 1 cause the forks need a do over anyhow and 2 cause if they are the stock springs that's a good chance why the one fork leaks besides the seals could be worn out. Anyone apart from me actually give the progressive springs a shot ? if so was it an improvement / un-improvement in your opinion. What was / wasn't what you liked about them.


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I think you will be pleased with the newer springs. Between the new springs, seals & experimenting with the air pressure in the fork legs you should be able to dial it in fairly well. I don't think the front forks are that bad. They're just a bit long & soft. The FT wheels are heavy & that's why a lot of folks do a swap. Be careful filling the fork legs with air. They don't take much & you can pop a seal. You need a low pressure air pump like a hand operated tire or shock pump. Somewhere in the 5-10 PSI range should do it. I can't recall off-hand how much you can lower the front by raising the forks in the triple clamps. If you can drop the front an inch, you will probably like that. Just be careful when you first ride the bike as it will handle differently than you are accustomed to.

The CBR600 Hurricane swap is a nice way to go, but finding a donor is becoming more difficult every day.

Good luck