Author Topic: 1984 VT500FT - For Sale - Low, Low Miles + Great Condition  (Read 3198 times)


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1984 VT500FT - For Sale - Low, Low Miles + Great Condition
« on: September 09, 2014, 02:29:25 pm »
Second owner. 
1,740 actual miles.
Great condition.  No tank dings or missing parts.  All original, except Kerker exhaust.  Original muffler included in sale. 
In 30 years of use, it has only been given ethanol gas 4 times.
Well maintained.
Brand new tires (6 months old).
Original bill of sale included from 1985 (was a leftover model).
Always - always! - parked indoors and never ridden in rain.  I'm very serious. 

Also included parts/accessories (all hard-to-find items):
Turn signal
Foot peg
Clutch and brake levers
Tank bag (never used)
Various seals
Clymer Book

Background info:
Bike came to me after years of searching for the perfect VT500.  Came from an older gentleman in South Carolina who had documented everything imaginable and took great care of it.  He collected lots of extra spare parts and maintained the bike.  I bought it last year, put 300 miles on it, and can't bring myself to spend another $400 for winter storage.  It's not the $400; it's the long winter we're about to have here in Boston that makes me think it's time to sell.  Plus, I decided to have kids (a little late in life, sure, but the wife is younger and very pretty) and the bike sits in the garage begging to be ridden.  I love this bike.  It sounds perfect and rides even better.  I will miss it and I will never get another one, because I will never find one this good again - ever.  But if you're on this forum, you and I both love these bikes, and if you buy it, I'm certain it'll go to a perfect home.  I'm not selling it anywhere else.  For now. 

It's located in Belmont, MA (02478), which is near Boston.  I will meet any shipper you send to pick it up and help however I can on this end.  Full payment is expected upon agreement to price and pick-up date.  I can hold the bike for pick-up up to 21 days after payment received. 

Email me at


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Re: 1984 VT500FT - For Sale - Low, Low Miles + Great Condition
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2014, 06:35:21 pm »
That looks like a real nice bike! Is that less than 2K miles on it?  :o

I haven't seen the Kerker muffler before. I remember back when they were available, but I went in another direction back then. Can you tell me if the Kerker muffler replaces the "power chamber" or does it connect after the chamber?

You should probably list the bike on the Yahoo VT Ascot Owners Group & maybe even the Facebook Ascot page.

Thanks & good luck with your sale.


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Re: 1984 VT500FT - For Sale - Low, Low Miles + Great Condition
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2014, 05:05:41 pm »
Thank you for the sage advice and I will try to list on Yahoo and Facebook.

Yes, it really does have only 1,740 miles on the bike, as the previous owner had a small collection of incredible vehicles, including a classic corvette that appeared to have traveled through time.  He took great care of everything and included print outs, handwritten notes, and even post-it notes about maintaining and running the Ascot when he sold it to me.  I felt like I was being left to care for his newborn son, and the photos he included shows the bike through the years, which I am keeping in my photo collection of bikes and cars I've owned. 

The Kerker header is a great addition and provides the perfect sound for the V-Twin.  In 1984, I first saw a red VT500 with a Kerker header on the rich kid's bike down the street from me, and I knew I had to have one.  Took me 30 years, but I got one finally on the perfect bike. 

Thanks again.