Author Topic: Widest/tallest tires anyone has safely run front and rear on stock FT500 rims?  (Read 1533 times)


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I've searched, but haven't found exact numbers/sizes, so I'll ask and see what the largest tires anyone has run front and rear on the ascot that still perform well?

I'm building a "tracker" somewhat out of one one mine, so I'm going with dual sport tires front and rear, a little more aggressive, and want a little form, but function must win too. I'm running .90kg race tech springs and progressive rear shocks.

Some of my options are a 5.1x18 rear and a 4.0 front. I do know that wider is not necessarily better and the stock sizes perform well on my original ascot, but I'm going for a different purpose on this one. Has anyone experimented and run larger sizes front and rear stock FT500 rims? My form and function goal, is to run front and rear tires somewhat equal in size? Maybe... a 120/80/19 front?

If anyone is running more aggressive combos and sizes/brands they recommend I'd love to see them and hear the suggestions.
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Can't really help you, as I've just run a 130 series tire on a CBR wheel in the rear.

One thing that you might consider, is the side to side clearance between the front tire sidewalls & the fork legs. You want to try to make sure that if the tire ever goes flat, it will still have enough clearance to continue turning instead of binding up.

On the back, you need to watch the clearance between the tire sidewall & the chain. You might consider a 520 series drive to gain some more clearance. When I first mounted my '89 CBR600 rear wheel assembly, the rear tire was a 160 series intended for a Harley type of bike. The front right sidewall hit the swing-arm. I had to adjust the wheel a bit crooked so there would be enough clearance to roll the bike around.