Author Topic: Won't start - but battery and alternator are fine  (Read 1227 times)


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Won't start - but battery and alternator are fine
« on: July 24, 2016, 02:12:03 pm »
Hello all. I am a new owner of an 84 Ascot. I love it, its such a great first bike! I put 5500 km on my little bike since early May  :D

I started riding it back in May. Up in Northern Ontario we had some very cold mornings, and she wouldn't start (sometimes 32 F nights) but I would give it a small boost with my booster kit and she would go all day no problem.

A few days, it didn't want to start after it was already warmed up. But it seemed that once the end of May came, I did not have any more problems like this until this week.

After I fueled up after a 45 min ride, it wouldn't start. My booster kit was dead (oops, I hadn't needed it in over a month and a half) so my hubby came and pushed me to start her up.

Next day my friend brought the voltmeter and we figured my battery and alternator seem to be in fine condition. He had Honda Nighthawk a few years ago, and he had a similar problem. He said there was a problem with the neutral switch.

The next two days, it would not start by itself in the morning, but was fine all day starting later in the day. As of Friday, the 3rd day, it will not start after its warmed up at all by itself, it needs a boost. I thought it was the battery for sure, but my friend said no.

I am not mechanically inclined. I looked up several different words online to see if I could find some information of how I could find out if this was really the issue, and if I could actually fix it.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so very much

- Kassie


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Re: Won't start - but battery and alternator are fine
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2016, 08:17:41 pm »
The FT500 Ascot requires a strong & healthy battery.

Try to locate a battery shop that can perform a load test on your battery. I like to buy the sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) type of batteries. They last a long time & they do not vent corrosive fumes onto your bike. Are there any "Batteries Plus" stores up your way?

Good luck

PS. Do you have the VT (V-Twin) Ascot, or the FT (Single Cylinder) Ascot?
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