Author Topic: 83 VT500ft Manufacturers Specs  (Read 846 times)


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83 VT500ft Manufacturers Specs
« on: March 31, 2017, 11:27:59 pm »
Hi Guy's
 Need help, to finish off the registration process here in Australia for my 83 VT500 ascot, I require an original manufacturers specification document, in other words a spec sheet issued by "HONDA". There are plenty of spec's to be found on the internet, they are supplied by Bike magazines and independant web sites, road tests etc, these will not do as they are not the manufacturer. Honda Australia simply will not help, Have sent a request to Honda USA (country of origin for the bike), have not got a reply yet. So if anyone out there has what I need or knows of its where abouts, I would appreciate if you could contact me. Cheers Bob